Pro Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Pro Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Welcome to Pro Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing, your trusted partner in residential and commercial window cleaning. With an unwavering commitment to excellence spanning over 7 years, we are your go-to experts for a gleaming and professionally maintained space. What sets us apart?

Experience You Can Trust: Backed by a wealth of experience, our seasoned professionals bring unmatched expertise to every project. From intricate residential windows to expansive commercial spaces, we have the know-how to deliver exceptional results.

Certified Technicians: Our team is not just skilled; they’re certified window cleaners with licenses as Sprat Rope Access Technicians. This means we bring a level of professionalism and safety to every job, ensuring the highest standards in the industry.

Comprehensive Services: Beyond window cleaning, our offerings span a spectrum of specialized services. Whether it’s high-rise window cleaning, innovative water-fed pole systems, precision pressure washing, gentle soft wash cleaning, meticulous gutter maintenance, or cutting-edge solar panel cleaning, we have the tools and techniques to cater to diverse needs.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that every space is unique. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all. We work closely with our clients to tailor solutions that align with their specific requirements, ensuring a customized and satisfactory experience.

Fully Insured: Your peace of mind matters to us. We are fully insured, providing you with confidence in the knowledge that your property is protected when you choose our services.

Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize your satisfaction. Our client-centric approach means that we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Your happiness with our services is our ultimate goal.

Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the Pro Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing difference. Elevate the cleanliness and appeal of your space with a team that combines expertise, innovation, and a genuine commitment to service excellence,

Choose Pro Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing for a pristine, professionally maintained space.

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Frequently asked questions:

How often should residential windows be cleaned?

At least 3 times a year or anytime that it needs to be clean.

We recommend scheduling window cleaning services at least 3 times a year or anytime that it need to be cleaned. If you live on a busy street or a place with lots of pollen and trees, you should choose to get your windows cleaned 4 or 5 times a year.

Why is it important to clean glass or windows?

Your windows can be damaged by hard water and dirt. When dust and dirt accumulate on windows, they can stick to or get on the glass and cause damage.

What is included in the regular window cleaning?

Cleaning the windows, removing the screens off and putting them back on (we clean the screens with a rag or towel) and also cleaning the tracks.

Normally we offer interior and exterior window cleaning, but when the client wants us to do only the outside windows, they must remove the screens, because in 90% of the cases, the screen to be removed from the inside. We can also do it for you with an extra charge of $2 per screen, although in that case, we recommend the client to hire us to do inside and outside for a better save of time and money.

How much does the window cleaning service cost?

The cost ranges from $6 to $10 per window side. It depends on the type, height and if you request regular, semi-premium or premium window service.

Can I request only to clean the exterior windows?

Yes, you can, but you should remove the screens for us, because 80% of the time, the screens have to me removed from inside. In case you want us to remove them, we can do it for extra $2 per window. If we can remove the screens from outside, we won’t charge extra for that.

What happens if the dirt is still there when the windows were cleaned ?

We call it hard water, which means the windows are stained due to the exposure of them to the dirt and after a while, it gets accumulated on the glass. It will require a deep cleaning or premium cleaning service (with an extra charge).

Premium Window Cleaning

It is the procedure to remove hard water and for this service we scrub the windows with stain remover in order to remove them.

What is included in the premium window Cleaning?

Cleaning the crystals removing the Hard Water (stains of the crystals), removing the screens to clean them (brushing and water) and cleaning the tracks.

Can you remove the paint, stickers and construction debris from my windows?

Yes, we can. We are professional window cleaners specialized in new construction, we take care of your windows and recover them so that they shine again. It’s called window treatment and it costs extra depending on how bad it looks.