Water Fed Pole System

A water-fed pole is an ingenious tool designed for effective window cleaning. This long, extendable pole comes equipped with a brush head. Inside the pole, a hose connects to a pump system that dispenses purified water. The combination of the water and the brush provides the perfect solution for effortlessly removing dust and dirt from exterior windows. What sets this method apart is its eco-friendly approach, as it relies on purified water without the need for detergents. Plus, the windows are left to naturally dry, ensuring a streak-free finish.

Our water-fed pole technique is an ideal solution for large residences and commercial businesses spanning 1 to 4 stories. It not only ensures a pristine look for your windows but also aligns with our commitment to sustainable and efficient cleaning practices. Experience the brilliance of this innovative cleaning method with our professional services

Water fed pole system and soft washing.

Discover the ultimate in property brilliance with our winning combination: crystal-clear windows using our water-fed pole system and the gentle effectiveness of soft washing. Our water-fed pole system ensures spotless, streak-free windows, contributing not just to clarity but also to the lasting shine of your windows. When paired with our soft washing process, your property undergoes a total transformation, with outdoor spaces and surfaces impeccably clean and protected against contaminants. This powerful combination doesn’t just provide immediate aesthetic harmony but also extends the time between cleanings, offering a comprehensive solution for a brilliantly maintained property.

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